• international shipping is limited due to COVID-19 safety measures
  • Stay healthy & thank you for your support!
  • international shipping is limited due to COVID-19 safety measures
  • Stay healthy & thank you for your support!

GMK Modern Japanese Desko is the new Keyset by Enjoy.

The set is a homage to topre keyboards, specifically the norbaforce owned by nmur. The colors and mods are tweaked to attain a more modern look by having icon mods and more flashy colors.

If you want to know more about this set we recommend you to check out the geekhack post, Enjoy's Discord or IG profile.

Please take note that this is a presale for matching cables and utility bags with an extended fulfillment timeframe of ~90 days.

Informations or changes will be communicated through the update site and our social media channels. All cables will be handmade after the presale ended to better suit demand and your requested design choices.

An order can be cancelled anytime before the presale has ended.

The Modern Neon Triplets where designed to give you the flexibility to add the matching device end color you like the most. The MDPC-X sleeved short LEMO ends are available in the colors Riviera Blue, Code Red and Lambo Green.

The 1.8m host end cable is sleeved in MDPC-X Natural White, to match with the creamy GMK WS1 White of the alpha keys.

Each Set comes with 1 device end color of your choice, additional device ends can be added as extras.

The swiss made LEMO 1B is a precisely manufactured push-pull connector that allows fast switching of device ends, a smooth and secure lock mechanism aswell as IP50 protection standard.

With a focus on only one connector choice for this collaboration, we were able to reduce the prices of the main set aswell as each device end.

Custom cables come as a set of device and matching host end. You can add additional device or host ends for more flexibility. Please be sure to select the matching push-pull connector for your main cable. LEMO, Fischer and Weipu connectors are only compatible to the matching counterpart of the same manufacturer.

Modern Japanese Desko - Presale

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GMK Modern Japanese Desko will be available from April 10th at a vendor in your region:

Daily Clack - zFrontier - CandyKeys - Mekibo