• international shipping is limited due to COVID-19 safety measures
  • Stay healthy & thank you for your support!
  • international shipping is limited due to COVID-19 safety measures
  • Stay healthy & thank you for your support!

GMK Stealth // Inspired by stealth technology

by virtual.designworks // black // aluminium grey // orange accents

Versatility by Novelties // Extensions // Numpad // Spacebars // NorNeUK // Blackout

Deskmats // [matte/polished] Artisans // Poster

Call sign Blackbird, ready for takeoff.

Please take note that this is a presale for matching cables with an extended fulfillment timeframe of at least ~120 days, mainly dependend of the time used for manufacturing the custom connectors. Informations or changes will be communicated through the update site, reddit and instagram. All cables will be handmade after the presale ended to better suit demand and your requested design choices. An order can be cancelled anytime before the presale has ended.

We feature 2 different colors, mdpc-x Blackest Black for the Blackbird and Titanium Grey for the Raptor. The Blackbird comes with 3 different design options and 2 matching connector options to choose for you.

The well known LEMO 1B comes with a matte black chrome plating surface finish. Also introducing the Fischer connectors core brass, with a black chrome finish and IP68 protection standard.

You can choose coiled device or host ends, aswell as a simple non-coiled version to better match your setup as you like. Check these options below.

Coiled device ends are a great choice if you want to align the coil with your keyboard.

Coiled host ends are versatile and are a great choice for keyboards with centered USB ports.

Non-coiled cables come with a more minimalistic style, if you do not like the aesthetics of a coil.

Custom cables come as a set of device and matching host end. You can add additional device or host ends for more flexibility. Please be sure to select the matching push-pull connector for your main cable. LEMO, Fischer and Weipu connectors are not compatible to one another.

GMK Stealth - extras

GMK Stealth will be available in December at a vendor in your region:

US: Project Keyboard - Europe: CandyKeys - Canada: Deskhero - Oceania: Switchkeys

Asia: zFrontier - Singapore: Monokei.co