• international shipping is limited due to COVID-19 safety measures
  • Stay healthy & thank you for your support!
  • international shipping is limited due to COVID-19 safety measures
  • Stay healthy & thank you for your support!

Inspired by the colours and landscape surrounding the legendary mountain, this set designed by Tom brings a stylish look to your keyboard.

GMK Fuji features dark blue Latin and Katakana legends on white alphas, with lighter blue mods. The pink of the accents resemble the iconic sakura.

Please take note that this is a presale for matching cables and utility bags with an extended fulfillment timeframe of ~90 days.

Informations or changes will be communicated through the update site, reddit and instagram. All cables will be handmade after the presale ended to better suit demand and your requested design choices.

An order can be cancelled anytime before the presale has ended.

The Sakura rather complements then matches the light pink accents color and features our first metal sleeved coil available as a preorder.

It's copper sleeved core gives it weight aswell as a unique shimmering effect through the transparent mdpc-x layer, which supports the coil and protects the copper sleeve. The host end is sleeved in mdpc-x Haze Grey, to match the mod colors.

The Sakura is available with the silver LEMO 1B aswell as the more budget friedly Weipu SF12, both industrial grade inline connectors made from chrome plated brass.

We are also happy to announce our first collab project with another german artisan G.C.W., which will provide handmade utility / cable rolls in matching colors.

These bags have some small, medium and bigger segments, to better support the different items you can store, such as tools or cable ends.

Custom cables come as a set of device and matching host end. You can add additional device or host ends for more flexibility. Please be sure to select the matching push-pull connector for your main cable. LEMO, Fischer and Weipu connectors are only compatible to the matching counterpart of the same manufacturer.

GMK Fuji - presale

GMK Fuji will be available from March 1st at a vendor in your region:

NA: Cannon Keys - UK: Proto[typist] - EU: myKeyboard - CA: Desk[H]ero

OCE: Daily Clack - SEA: monokei - CN: zFrontier