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  • international shipping is limited due to COVID-19 safety measures
  • Stay healthy & thank you for your support!

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The most minimalistic of minimalistic sets is back. The colors of the dark are the same as used in round 1 except alphas and mods legends for the light kit... wait... light kit he said?

•••• ••••! Dots 2 now comes in a dark & light colorway.

Please take note that this is a presale for matching cables with an extended fulfillment timeframe of ~90 days, mainly dependend of the time used for manufacturing the custom connectors.

Informations or changes will be communicated through the update site, reddit and instagram. All cables will be handmade after the presale ended to better suit demand and your requested design choices.

An order can be cancelled anytime before the presale has ended.

We feature 3 different mdpc-x sleeve colors to complement the minimalistic aspect of the sets:

  • XXX White - [light]
  • Titanium Grey - [medium]
  • Shade 19 - [dark]

Shoutout to biip, for sending us the GMK color samples, as shown below, so you can better estimate the combined look.




The mɪnɪməˈlɪstɪk series comes with the option of 3 different push-pull connectors. The silver chrome plated LEMO push-pull connectors , aswell as the custom matte black plated LEMO 1B known from the Blackbird cables. The Weipu SF12, made from chrome plated brass adds an incredible value for money aswell as a more bulky industrial look to the lineup.

New for this presale is a custom engraving for the Weipu SF12.

The existing red dot for the push-pull alignment got some company, precision cnc'ed and hand painted details for GMK Dots. This small detail is optional for the Weipu SF12 and all 3 colorways [light], [medium] and [dark].

Like pictured, the perfectly aligned dots are placed on the upper end of the push-pull lock, so that they are still visible when coupled.

Custom cables come as a set of device and matching host end. You can add additional device or host ends for more flexibility. Please be sure to select the matching push-pull connector for your main cable. LEMO, Fischer and Weipu connectors are only compatible to the matching counterpart of the same manufacturer.

GMK Dots 2 - presale

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GMK Dots 2 will be available from Feb. 5th at a vendor in your region:

Novelkeys - Oblotzky Industries - Zfrontier - Monokei - DailyClack

DeskHero - SwagKeys